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Avoid the flooding due to blocked drains by hiring our reliable services from Alton Pump Services. We offer expert drain unblocking, drain cleaning, drain repair and drain lining services in a variety of areas such as sewer drains, sinks, grease traps, bathroom drains, toilets, outside drains, house traps, floor drains, as well as washing machine lines, roof drains, appliance drains and outside drains. A drain blockage can quickly become a hazard and compromise health or potentially threaten the integrity of the structure of your property if it is not unblocked. If you’re based in the UK and in need of excellent drain cleaning services, then get in touch with our team today.

Tackling your blocked drain

Our drain cleaning team use a variety of tools in order to clear your blocked drainpipe in the most efficient way possible. We use different sizes of electric snakes depending on your needs, high pressure water jets to remove blockages as well as CCTV inspections to identify the cause of the issue.  In addition to our cleaning services we also install and repair drain systems. Our services include excavation or structural drain lining for effective drain repair.

Blocked Toilet & Sewer Drains

Alton Pump Services are the local drainage company for your toilet unblocking requirements. Blocked toilets can happen at any time and they can be quite develop into a health hazard if not dealt with quickly. Thankfully, our team at Alton Pump Services are experts in unblocking blocked toilets. So, if you have a blocked toilet, blocked soakaway, blocked outside drain, or septic tank blockage call our team today. Our local drain unblocking specialists will be more than happy to provide their support. We cover commercial and domestic properties – so if you are a landlord, homeowner, property developer, run a construction site or are a homeowner – get in touch today

Blocked Gully

Drain gullies are an important part of your drainage system. Gullys are underground  basins designed to receive water from your property from your kitchen or bathroom. From here the wastewater enters the drains.

Gullies can be effected by debris like leaves and soil. Once your gully is compromised it can cause issues with your drainage and eventually a blockage.  Debris should be cleared immediately to damage to your drainage system and property.

The Alton Pump Services team can use a variety of methods to clear your blocked drain or gully. Get in touch with us today to have your drain cleared on 01420 561661.

*Price includes rodding. We will re-quote for further works if alternative methods are required to clear an obstruction.

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At Alton Pump Services, we are proud of the fact that many of our clients choose to come to us year after year for repeat drain cleaning services. Not only because we use quality products as well as skilled labour and engineering work, but we also keep prices competitive.  As a result we can offer a variety of drain services from drain installation or repair to drain unblocking.

Who is responsible for your drains?

If you are a home owner, a tenant in a rented property, a landlord or rent a commercial premises you may need to check who is responsible for the drains in and surrounding your property.

We cover commercial and domestic properties – so if you are a landlord, homeowner, property developer, run a construction site, care home, school, college, doctors surgery, spa or are a homeowner – contact the Alton Pump Services Team for your blocked drain emergency.

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