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Avoid the flooding that can be caused by a blocked drain by hiring our reliable services from Alton Pumps. We offer expert drain cleaning services in a variety of areas such as sewer drains, sinks, grease traps, bathroom drains, house traps, floor drains, washing machine lines, roof drains, appliance drains and outside drains. If you’re based in the South East and in need of excellent drain cleaning services, get in touch with our team today.

Tackling your blocked drain

Our drain cleaning team use a variety of tools in order to clear your blocked drain in the most efficient way possible. We use different sizes of electric snakes depending on your needs, high pressure water jets to remove blockages, CCTV inspections to identify the cause of the issue, and even excavation or structural drain lining for effective drain repair.

Reputation for excellence

At Alton Pumps, we are proud of the fact that many of our clients choose to come to us year after year for repeat drain cleaning services and other pumping services. We use quality products, skilled labour and engineering work, and keep prices competitive in order to offer a variety of blocked drain services that work for you.

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