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blocked outside drain

Blocked Outside Drain

Blocked Outside Drain At Alton Pumps we often get calls for an blocked outside drain.  But it’s not often from a livery yard. The stable owners rang us with blocked drain issues which resulted in the drains backing up into the yard causing standing water. On investigation we found that horse waste and straw had…

UPVC Pipe work replacement

UPVC Plastic Pipework

At a recent site inspection our engineers identified that the pipework in a pump chamber had corroded beyond repair – this included the gate valve which had snapped due to severe corrosion.  The gate valve (or sluice valve), is the valve that controls flow and is commonly found in water treatment systems. We advised the client that the corroded…

High Level Pump Alarm

High Level Pump Alarm

High Level Pump Alarm Last week a customer called in reporting their high level pump alarm was activated and the tank was quickly filling up. A high level pump alarm is often used in packaged pump stations, sewage treatment plants and septic tanks. The alarm is triggered by the float switch and signals that fluid levels are…

Pump Tripping Issue

Pump Tripping Issue

Pump Tripping Call Out   We were called by a vets practice to inspect a pump which kept tripping.  On investigation our engineer found that the pump was blocked with debris which was causing the issue rather than an electrical fault. Our engineer cleared the blockage in the pump chamber and flushed the pump through…

Alton Pumps Address

We Have Moved

Alton Pump Services HQ have moved to a new premises at the start of 2021. We are now based at: Unit 4A Blacknest Industrial Estate, Blacknest, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 4PX If you require assistance with your pump, tank or water supply please call our expert team of pump engineers  01420 561661.

Water Well Pump

Water Well Pump

Water Well Pump Installation A job “well” done! Alton Pump Services were recently asked to install a new water well for a client who were having problems with leaks from their old 18th century well. As their only fresh water source, it was important that it worked properly, so they trusted the experts and instructed…

Manhole Cover Replacement

Manhole Chamber Rebuild

Manhole Chamber Rebuild The team were called to unblock a drain for a local council.  On inspection they found that one of the manhole chambers was unstable and required a full  rebuild.  Manhole chambers – also known as inspection chambers, are an integral part of a drainage system allowing access for drains to be cleared, carry out essential repairs,…

Broken Air Line

We had a call out this weekend to visit our friends at Blue Reef Aquarium Portsmouth. Our engineers fixed a broken air line and ensured the pump was back up and running. The pumps at Blue Reef are in constant use and require maintenance on parts such as airlines and connectors.  Air pumps serve two purposes;  they…