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Pump Supplier in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and the Home Counties | Control Equipment

The performance of a pump system or station is only ever as good as the data that controls it. We install control equipment to measure fluid levels and to manage material flow. This phase of the job is instrumental to the efficiency and safety of the system. When you need equipment for domestic, commercial or industrial use, choose an established pump supplier with an excellent choice in control technology too.

Alton Pumps Ltd is that pump supplier. Located in Hampshire, we cover all locations across the Home Counties and the South, including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and Wiltshire.

We can also install nationwide.

• Control Panels – Simple to install and easy to operate, our control equipment is reliable and comes with multiple feature options. Typically, a control panel manages the channel flow, pump automation, water pressure consistency and wastewater dispersal.

• Float Switches – Like any reputable pump supplier, we also stock float switches to detect tank fluid levels. Suitable for domestic and commercial use, float switches open and close circuits, control flow in the channels and give tank level warnings.

• Pump Inverters – Our branded inverters combine quality and value, providing you with enough capacity to manage multiple pumps at different speeds. Control the output of uninterruptable power and the motor. This is the perfect control for centrifugal pumps.

System Monitoring

If your premises have a pump station and you can’t be there to monitor its control, automate the process with a monitoring system instead. This equipment checks that everything works as it should. In the event of a pump failure, you or your key stakeholders receive an alert. We can tailor monitoring systems to cover your site on a genuine 24/7 basis.

Alton Pumps can supply and install control panels, and monitoring equipment, in the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and Wiltshire areas.

Monitoring system benefits include:

• Improve performance and monitor pump lifecycles
• Make accurate refurbishment measurements
• Provide users with guidance on saving time
• Save money by identifying ways to conserve energy

Whenever our pump engineers perform an installation, they test and commission panels, and monitoring systems, to check their efficiency. Because Alton Pumps is a reputable pump supplier, we guarantee our products, and our workmanship, for 12 months. A monitoring station checks fluid levels and the pump’s activity without an engineer having to visit your site.

This helps in identifying issues before they reach a critical stage, saving you money on refurbishments and repairs.

Wherever you are, we’ll keep you flowing!

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Call Alton Pumps on 01420 561661. We are pump engineers from Hampshire with control panel installation services available across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and the Home Counties.

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