32GF21.5-230v macerator grinder cutter submersible pump

Product overview

Applications for this pump.

Used in pressure sewage system.

Drainage of wastewater from individual residences, apartment buildings, recreational developments, motels.

Transferring wastewater of commercial buildings, industrial plants, wastewater sampling, small hospitals.

Schools, federal, state and local parks, wastewater drainage.

To transfer various wastewater and sewage.


32GF21.5-230v macerator grinder cutter submersible pump. Standard accessories Epoxy resin cable base, dry motor, double mechanical seals, auto-cut protection, double ball bearing support shaft and rotor. Vortex impeller design prevents clogging by cutting up articles. Radial cutter and cutter ring SUS440C. Corrosion resistant material, hardened to 55-60 Rockwell C. Specific single phase design for starting torque, and its torque is five times stronger than General capacitor pump. The impeller can prevent from clogging when grinding the objectives. 32GF21.5/22.2 DN40 model Horizontal casing. No. 90 degrees Elbow set available. HCP Grinder pump single phase equipped with Centrifugal switch and capacitor motor design to provide extreme high torque starting, and offering 5 times higher torque than average capacitor starting motor.

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