AN-23F-230v submersible wastewater pump

Product overview

Applications for this pump.

Waste Water

Sump Drainage

Flood Control

Dewatering for fish ponds or basements and cellars


A precision manufactured motor is achieved by utilising the highest standard of quality control. All rotors adopt heat treatment methods for drive shaft assembling, and stator winding impregnated with varnish that is heat dried in an industrial oven. The Water Resistance for Pump can reach IP68 Grade. HCP’s professional assembly line, complimented with a synthesized production test, ensures the highest level of pump quality. Standard accessories include – cable with an epoxy resin sealed water-resistant cable base, AC thermal motor protector, dual mechanical seals and lip seal design. The A-05A is an extremely practical pump, with a low temperature, oil filled motor and single seal design – CA/CE.

Additional information

Solid Passage





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