IC-43B-230v submersible dewatering pump

Product overview

Applications for this pump.

Aquiculture water supply and drainage.

Water supply for agricultural irrigation systems and underground water pumping.

Landscape, water feature and horticulture irrigation.

Extraction of water from rivers, lakes and reservoirs.


The internal casting is treated with High solids Epoxy coating, which can improve the anti-corrosion and extend the product lifetime. Standard design, incorporating a dry motor with thermal auto-cut that prevents the motor from over heating. Equipped with a cast iron motor frame for a faster heat dissipation. As well as an abrasion resistant double mechanical seal and an additional oil seal. Water cooled motor to ensure a long life in continuous and intermittent operation, with high efficiency and energy savings. An exceptional High-lift and suction impeller design, which allows for dewatering of underground or circulating water applications. For above or below surface water applications. The IC pump strainer can be easily removed and replaced with a check valve, which allows dewatering up to ma. 8m deep of underground water and water circulation applications. W-Well Type. New casing cover, with metric thread bolt hole that is easier for valve and adapter connection. The chrome steel impeller has been adopted for IC-32B-610, with hardness of HRC 25-30, better anti-corrosion, and extended product lifetime. High solids Epoxy coating prolong metals from corrosion and oxidization.

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