Pond 250-230v

Product overview

Applications for this pump.

Tank water circulating, Water recycles

Water feature

Water supply/drainage

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Pond-A adopts the Electrophoretic Deposition EPD coating on aluminium motor frame which can prevent early corrosion and extend the product lifetime. Pond-S adopts the stainless steel frame, which can be used in sea water, fish pond, and water circulation for seafood. The strong structure design. High efficiency motor and Vortex impeller, waterproof Epoxy cable, mechanical seal and oil seal, overheat protector. Outlet discharge for Pond-A is available with 15mm/0.5inches, 20mm/0.75inches, 25mm/1inch, and additional 32mm/1.25inches with 150W model. Pond-S can be equipped with outlet discharge of 32mm/1.25inche and 40mm/1.5inches. Optional accessories Standard Float Switch F or Vertical Float Switch FV for confined space application. Food grade Lubricant. Clear and odourless oil, which meets the standards of US FDA and EU Reach. It is toxic free, environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body. Caution. For Intermittent use only, 8 hours per day rating, approximately 3000 hours on wear parts. Warning. Prohibited to use liquid containing sediment and chemicals.

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