Expertise across a range of products

Variety of industrial water pumps

At Alton Pump Services, we take pride in our ability to offer whatever kind of industrial water or sewage pump you may need for your specific project. Having the right pump for the job is very important, and each of our pumps can be customised to your personal specifications in order to make them work efficiently for your task throughout the UK.

Effective sewage pumps

Alton Pump Services can provide reliable, durable sewage pumps for a variety of purposes. Whether you are pumping wastewater away from building, industrial and factory sites, or from underground sumps, our sewage pumps offer high performance at competitive prices. They are also ideal for sewage management from family dwellings and estates.

Reliable waste water pumps

Waste water pumps (or effluent pumps) are ideal for draining and distributing excess water from your site or property with ease. Our skilled engineers will work with you to recommend the best pump for your needs, especially when you are addressing industrial waste water drainage, pumping surface water, removing flood water, and extracting water from rivers or lakes.

Grinder pumps

When pumping sewage and waste water in larger commercial or residential buildings, a grinder pump will work more efficiently and therefore safe you money. Our grinder pumps, manufactured to be portable and lightweight without compromising on durability, are ideal for environments such as small hospitals, industrial plants, commercial spaces, and sampling waste water.

Pumps for domestic use

In addition to large commercial projects, Alton Pump Services carries out installation of domestic pumps sourced from HCP Pumps, one of the most reputable brands in the industry, to offer superior solutions to the threat of flooding. Ideal for draining garages, sprinkler systems, and domestic building basements, these domestic pumps are an investment in your home.

Corrosion resistant pumps

When working with corrosive liquids in environments such as factories or industrial settings, a corrosion resistant pump is essential for protecting both the property and your workers. These pumps, manufactured to the highest possible specifications, are designed to offer resistance against corrosive acid and aggressive contents to give you the ideal solution to your problems.

Engineering pumps

Our AG Agitator Dewatering pumps are designed specifically for high performance in civil engineering application. Designed to be abrasive resistant, easy to use, durable and leak-proof, these pumps are ideal for de-watering of tunnels and of fluids containing solid sediment. For contractors and installers, Alton Pump’s engineering pumps are the right choice.

Reliable agricultural pumps

Our IC Type Amphibious Pumps are designed for long-life application in managing the water supply for aquaculture, agriculture and irrigation systems. Perfect for uses such as underground water plumbing, landscape and water feature irrigation and extracting water from lakes, rivers and reservoirs, these pumps are durable and competitively priced.

Low head pumps

If your task requires large volume water pumping or draining, our low head industrial water pumps are right for you. Highly efficient, resistant to corrosion and abrasion and extremely durable, these pumps are a must for flood control or water extraction.

Vertical turbine pumps

Alton Pump Services offers a reliable and efficient installation and supply service of vertical turbine pumps in Dorset and throughout the UK. Ideal for irrigation, service water, deep well water, or lifting seawater, these low-maintenance pumps offer a long lifespan for competitive prices.

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