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Sewage Pump & Effluent Pump Systems

Sewage pump and effluent pump systems from Alton Pumps services. Our professional team install efficient pump systems including Grinder Pumps for waste water and sewage.

At Alton Pump Services, we take pride in our ability to offer a wide range of sewage pump solutions for your specific project. Having the right sewage pump for the job is very important, and each of our pumps can be customised to your personal specifications in order to make them work efficiently for your task. Our services are available throughout the Hampshire, Surrey, London and the rest of the UK.

A sewage pump is installed at the lowest point of the sewage basin usually below the floor level. Wastewater depends on gravity, plumbing systems below the level of the main sewage line will require a pump to elevate wastewater. Sewage pumps are installed at the lowest point of the sewage basin to pump to a sewer system or a septic tank. Ejector pumps can pump high volumes of sewage over short distances and are designed to process up to 2” diameter solids.  Sewage ejector pumps are used is to move raw sewage from a property to a septic tank or gravity flow sewer main.

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Sewage pump

Alton Pump Services can provide reliable, durable sewage pumps for a variety of purposes. Sewage pumps are designed to pump effluent waste away from building, industrial and factory sites, or from underground sumps. Our sewage pumps offer high performance at competitive prices. They are also ideal for sewage management from family dwellings and estates.

Reliable waste water pumps

Waste water pumps (or effluent pumps) are ideal for draining and distributing excess water from your site or property with ease. We will work with you to recommend the best pump for your needs. Our pumps are designed to deal with industrial waste water drainage, pumping surface water, removing flood water, and extracting water from rivers or lakes.

Grinder pumps

When pumping sewage and waste water in larger commercial or residential buildings, a grinder pump will work more efficiently and therefore safe you money. Our grinder pumps, are manufactured to be portable and lightweight without compromising on durability. They are ideal for environments such as small hospitals, industrial plants, commercial spaces, and sampling waste water.

At Alton Pump Services we stock a wide variety of domestic and commercial pump makes including:

HCP Pump

Lowara Pump

Ebara Pump

Flygt Pump

Homa Pump

Wilo pump

Grundfos Pump

JS Pumps

Faggolati Pump

Franklin Pump

Clarke Pump

BBC Semison Pumps

DAB pumps

ABS Pumps

Zoeller Pumps

Alton Pumps Services Accreditation

Alton Pumps is fully dedicated to offering you a great result, using high quality products and keeping prices low to ensure you receive great value. We are approved by Hampshire Trading Standards ‘Buy with Confidence’ scheme, registered under the DTI ConstructionLine scheme and UDCB Achillies. We also hold ISO 9001 Certification. As a result we have a loyal customer base. Above all, we aim to give you the best possible products and services at competitive prices.

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