Grinder Pumps

Grinder Pumps

Alton Pumps Grinder pumps are ideal for handling tough waste in domestic and commercial applications. The grinder pump has blades that grind the raw sewage into a slurry before passing it through the discharge line. For difficult applications that are prone to clogging and require more pressure the grinder pump is the ideal application.  At Alton Pump Services, we take pride in our ability to offer whatever kind of grinder or sewage pump you may need for your specific project.

A grinder pump is used to pump sewage from a building to the sewerage system if building’s plumbing is at a lower grade than the sewer main. They can also be used when there is not enough slope to allow sewage to gravity flow to the system. Wet waste from toilets, sinks and washing machines flows through the pipes into the grinder pump’s holding tank. When waste inside the tank reaches a specific level, the pump turns on, then grinds the waste into a fine slurry, and pump it to the sewer system.

Do I need a Grinder Pump?

A Grinder Pump is used when:

  1. Pumping to a pressurised sewer main.
  2. Waste is pumped a very long distance (750 feet or more)
  3. Sewage is required to be pumped a vertical distance (minimum of 30 feet)

Alton Pump Services install and maintain HCP grinder pumps and Faggiolati grinder Pumps

Effective sewage pumps

At Alton Pump Services we provide reliable, durable sewage pumps for a variety of purposes. Whether you are pumping wastewater away from building, industrial and factory sites, or from underground sumps, our sewage pumps offer high performance at competitive prices. They are also ideal for sewage management from family dwellings and estates.

Reliable waste water pumps

Waste water pumps (or effluent pumps) are ideal for draining and distributing excess water from your site or property with ease. Our skilled engineers work with you to recommend the best pump for your needs. Call us for industrial waste water drainage, pumping surface water as well as removing flood water, and extracting water from rivers or lakes.

Alton Pump Services is an approved member of the Hampshire Trading Standards ‘Buy with Confidence’ Scheme. We are also registered with UVDB Achilles, the DTI Construction Line Scheme and are an accredited Alcumus Safe Contractor. Because of our membership with these organisations, and our reputation as a reputable pump supplier, you can be assured that all products and services offered are of the highest calibre.

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