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Choose the pump station that’s right for you

Ensuring your drainage system is working efficiently is crucial – if effluent water or waste leaks from your pump station, the damage to the environment and your property can be immense. Invest in your pump system with Alton Pumps. Our experienced team, based in Dorset, offers a range of exceptional quality pumping stations for every purpose.

Variety of pumping stations

Alton Pumps strives to fulfil any requirements you may have when it comes to your pumping products, and our pump stations are no different. Whether you are seeking an adoptable pump station, package pump station, rainwater harvesting pump station, industrial pumping station, an above ground pumping station, a sewage treatment plant, a precast sump, or even a pumping station suitable for domestic use, we can supply a high quality product for you.

Experience and expertise

At Alton Pumps, we combine the engineering experience we have with our dedication for customer service and helping you find the solution that best suits your needs. Our competitively priced pump stations are designed to meet the highest of standards by reputable manufacturers, and we can also carry out expert installation throughout Dorset and the South East.

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