On Site Surveys & Inspections

Our experienced project managers will discuss your requirements and provide an on site survey to assess your project. The Alton Pump Services team will work with you on your pump or drainage project from start to finish. Our project engineers provide site surveys across the south of England, London and throughout the UK.

Project Planning – Site Survey

Our pump engineers and project managers have a combined 120 years of experience. We can assist you with your project from small domestic applications to industrial commercial projects. Our on site survey will allow us to design, specify and build bespoke pumping systems for all applications including pump stations, water pressure booster sets, control equipment, monitoring systems, industrial waste water drainage, surface water pumping, flood water removal and extracting water from rivers or lakes.

To ensure efficiency and longevity of any pump system it is vital that the appropriate equipment is specified and installed correctly. We will asses your requirements, provide recommendations, quote, install, service and repair your pump station or drainage system.

A site survey will be carried out by an experienced project manager with the technical knowledge to assess your requirements. The design of an effective, economic and efficient pumping system requires expert planning and must take into account a number of factors – that’s where our experienced team can help.

We will asses:

  • Pump application
  • Plant material and construction
  • Water source
  • Water byelaws
  • Environmental considerations
  • Monitoring requirement

The expertise of our design team will ensure that your newly installed pump system performs to meet all of your expectations and relevant regulatory requirements. We can provide monitoring equipment and set up service agreements to maintain the safety and efficiency of your pump system.  For a consultation with a project manager please contact us on: 01420 561661.

Existing System – Site Survey

An Alton Pump Services engineer can asses an existing pump installation. Commercial pump stations frequently waste huge amounts of energy where an insufficient pump specification has been advised or the pumping station is running constantly at full power.

As your pump system reaches the end of it’s service life, you can encounter a variety of issues. If you have experienced pump failure our team can survey your system and identify the problem. We can help advise on the best course of action, to either repair your pump system or replace your pump.

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Accredited Company

Alton Pump Services take pride in being able to offer evidence of our quality and commitment as water pump manufacturers. We are fully dedicated to offering you a great result, using high quality products and keeping prices low to ensure you receive great value. Alton Pump Services are approved by Hampshire Trading Standards ‘Buy with Confidence’ scheme, registered under the DTI ConstructionLine scheme and UDCB Achillies. We also hold ISO 9001 Certification. As a result we have a loyal customer base. Above all, we aim to give you the best possible products and services at competitive prices. If you’re based in the UK and in need of a site survey, then get in touch with our team.


For site surveys, call 01420 561661